Big Cee shopping center, Visual Identity and Communications

Unibrand was hired to conceive and create the visual identity and communication strategy for the first BIG Shopping Center in Serbia. According to the client brief, the need was to develop a brand strategy and creative approach for traditional and digital media (print, outdoor, radio, social media), as well as brand activation, aimed primarily to Vojvodina and then beyond. The task also included the implementation of the design concept and the grand opening of the shopping center.
With the aim of successfully positioning the shopping center, we worked with the idea of size, bringing to mind something big, aiming to develop the visual identity that truly attracts attention. The big red ball has become signature trademark of the shopping center and features as prominent on all its creative solutions. Working with Pioneers Communications, we defined the communication strategy as open, friendly, and inviting. The messaging was divided into three phases: teasing, unveiling, and the post-opening. Unibrand also launched BIG Facebook and Twitter pages.
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