Delta Generali Osiguranje, Auto Insurance Campaign

Unibrand was hired to create a campaign that should raise the client’s recognition among customers and increase the market share in the area of risk insurance in Vojvodina.
The campaign goal was to present the client as a trusted partner in non-life insurance and increase the visibility of Delta Generali Insurance in comprehensive auto insurance. Moreover, as the campaign was focused on a specific territory, the agency needed to adapt the creative concept and tone to the local context.
Bearing in mind the need for a tactical approach to a specific local market, we adopted a creative direction in keeping with the spirit and character of the region. The underlying inspiration was drawn from the tradition of folk dancing, poskočica and bećarac. The overall message tone was light and witty, in harmony with the attitudes and traditions of Vojvodina. The visuals were designed with the region’s distinctive scenery and local colors. As clear symbols of the Vojvodina region, we chose the image of the fortress and fields of sunflowers.
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