Delta Real Estate, Delta Planet Brand identity Redesign

In spring 2013, Delta Real Estate planned to begin the construction of the largest and most exclusive shopping mall in Serbia. Trusting in our skills and experience to create an impactful brand image and promote the new Delta Planet shopping mall, attracting potential partners and tenants, Unibrand was appointed for the redesign of Planet Delta’s visual identity and the creation of its sales brochures.
The new visual identity of Planet Delta was conceived to reflect the uniqueness, attractiveness and grandeur of the undertaking. Our creative team made use of the symbol of the planet, made up of fluid shapes suggestive of a wealth of choice and variety, and a turquoise blue color, symbolizing depth and immensity, as well as demonstrating the accessibility, openness, and serenity of the future shopping mall. The Planet Delta brochure plays a key role for achieving its marketing and sales goals and needed to be designed to promote this new shopping mall and attract partners and tenants. We have therefore given priority to the design view, attractive photos, and overview maps which provide detailed information on the format, content and access to the facility, while the material is complemented by animation that may be read using QR codes.
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