Galerija podova, G studio

After the successful implementation of the visual identity of “Floor Gallery”, the company decided to offer a new brand within their portfolio, that would offer additonal products and services in the segment of flooring (premium services). The agency task this time was to come up with a name for the new brand, to provide enterior solution for the store and the visual identity for the brand, as well to implement the brand in the new sales space.
The main characteristics of the new brand are supreme quality and sofisticated services offered to clients that are looking to decorate their living and working spaces. The goods samples are exhibited in the store, so the brand was named “G studio”. Its visual identity was derived from the new identity of “Floor Gallery”. The connection between the two brands is perceived in the same symbol, while the “G studio” typography, choice of spatial colours and all communications are more sophisticated and simple. The visual identity of “G studio” and its application in communications and spaces is presented in the brand book.
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