Galerija podova, Visual identity redesign

Unibrand task was to refresh and reinforce the visual appearance of the company and develop graphic standards for logo usage in communications as well as 40 of its stores. The job included the design, standardisation and spatial branding of the stores, including the design of price tags, direction signs, product catalogue, interior colours etc. By setting the standards in the brand book we enabled their implementation in stores around the country and creating the appropriate brand experience.
By employing a lot of enthusiasm, inspired by the brand itself, we managed to fundamentally change the visual identity of the brand while keeping it familiar to the existing stakeholders and still perfectly illustrating the company’s vision. The new visual identity came from the name itself and the modular construction of flooring products. The shape of the logo became a recognizeable frame to showcase different kinds of floors, materials, colours etc. The new book of graphic standards represents the basis for the modern vision of “Floor Gallerry” and contains: the logo, signage for stores, promotional materials, website design, stationery, staff uniforms etc.
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