Old Mountain, New experience

Stara planina (Old Mountain) plays a vital role in the development of regions and tourism potential of Serbia. With the goal to attract investors, there was a need to develop the positioning strategy of Stara planina, as a secure and attractive location for investing. Unibrand was given a task to develop the identity of Stara planina as a platform which shall secure a strong and stable position of Stara planina in relation to its competitors and make a positive perception of the location in the minds of the general and business public. The goal of this new identity was to promote Stara planina through the three following values:
Explorer’s spirit
Successful team
The visualization of Stara planina identity was inspired by the forms and colours of the basic elements in nature: the sun, water, the sky, flowers, trees and a field. These forms symbolize dynamism and motion, while defined colours symbolize the responsibility towards nature. The five colours evoke the feelings of energy, innovation, responsibility and credibility. The slogan “Stara planina – Old Mountain New experience”positions this place as an inexhaustible source of new possibilities.
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